Testimonials on Career Planning Assessment & Counseling

“I utilized the services of NCC in June of 2011. After several attempts of trying to get hired by a Federal Agency I used NCC to revamp my resume and cover letter. After my resume was updated, I submitted it to a new Agency and was called back immediately. I was granted an interview the next week and offered a position the week after that. I know that using NCC really increased my chances and it was great to have a second set of eyes go over my professional documentation.”
(Cairo, Accounting Professional, DC)

“I'm so glad that I found NCC. I initially contacted them for a one-on-one consultation to discuss strategies for expanding my job search because I was focused on working as a tax attorney. The professional staff gave me great ideas and helped me realize how to seek other job opportunities that I hadn't thought of. I was so impressed that I also had NCC review and edit my resume and cover letter. Their feedback was invaluable. After I submitted my revised resume and cover letter, I was contacted by a recruiter for a corporate attorney position and later scheduled for a preliminary interview. I contacted NCC to schedule a mock interview and went into my preliminary interview well prepared. I was just scheduled for a second and final interview with the President of the company and I'm confident that I will land the job. I couldn't have asked for better success. Thanks NCC!”
(Josie, Attorney, GA)

“Thanks Next Chapter Consulting LLC for your help with my college admissions essay. During our phone consultation you asked me questions that really helped me elaborate and improve my essay. Your extracurricular activities resume has also been very helpful as I apply for scholarships. ”
(Brianna, High School Student, AL)

“NCC, your consulting session was very helpful in allowing me to see how I could transfer my current job skills to another position. I didn't realize how much knowledge I had gained on the job and how marketable that could be. Thanks!”
(Fanta, Health Care, CA)